BS Education


Quality Teacher education is crucial for the achievement of the millennium development goals and development of a society. In any identified human society, the educational system requires highly skilled teaching staff.

To raise the standard of education BS in Education provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the teaching profession as confident and effective teachers and desires to equip the prospective teachers not only with the pedagogical skills required to lead and learn in the global educational scenario but also with Islamic ideology and values for holistic development of their students.

The program is unique as it exhibits a divergence from traditional pedagogical practices to learner-centered and active learning approaches that encourage the development of requisite skills and dispositions for teaching.



Semester I
Course CodeCourse Title
HQ-001Translation of Holy Quran
EDE …..Content Elective A-I
EDE-108Urdu Functional
EDE-103English Language-I
EDE-102Pakistan Studies
EDE-311Social Foundation of Education School, Society & Teacher
EDE-326Computer Application in Education
Semester II
Course CodeCourse Title
HQ-002Translation of Holy Quran
EDE …..Content Elective B-I
EDE-100Islamic Studies
EDE-104Englsih Language-II
ED-325Teaching Profession
ED-306Child Development
EDE-107Art, Craft and Calligraphy
Semester III
Course CodeCourse Title
HQ-003Translation of Holy Quran
EDE …..Content Elective A-II
EDE-109Mathematics (Basic)
EDE-105English Language-III
ED-312Psychology of Learning
EDE…..Content Optional
ED-303Education in Pakistan
Semester IV
Course CodeCourse Title
HQ-004Translation of Holy Quran
EDE …..Content Elective B-II
EDE-106English Language-IV
EDE-110Science (Basic)
ED-302Philosophy of Education
ED-323Curriculum Development
ED-395Practice Teaching (Observation and School Experience)
Semester V
Course CodeCourse Title
HQ-005Translation of Holy Quran
EDE …..Content Elective A-III
EDE-322Educational Assessment
ED-322Instructional Technology
EDE-374Methods of Teaching English in Elementary Schools
EDE-372Methods of Teaching Urdu in Elementary Schools
EDE-373Methods of Teaching Science in Elementary Schools
Semester VI
Course CodeCourse Title
HQ-006Translation of Holy Quran
EDE …..Content Elective B-III
EDE-324Research in Education
EDE-376Methods of Teaching Islamiyat in Elementary Schools
EDE-371Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Elementary Schools
EDE-375Methods of Teaching Social Studies in Elementary Schools

Practice Teaching Short Simulated Practice

Semester VII
Course CodeCourse Title
HQ-007Translation of Holy Quran
EDE …..Content Elective A-IV
EDE-323School Organization and Management
EDE-327Technical Writing and presentation Skills
ED-400Research Project/Thesis
EDE 397Practice Teaching (Long)-I
Semester VIII
Course CodeCourse Title
HQ-008Translation of Holy Quran
EDE …..Content Elective B-I
EDE-325Educational Guidance & Counseling in Elementary Schools
ED-400Research Project/Thesis
ED-324Comparative Education
ED-398Practice Teaching (Long)-II

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