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From animal lovers to sustainability warriors, zoology attracts all kinds of students in love with the natural world. Combining elements of biology, psychology, and environmental science, zoology teaches you how to care for and conserve animal life.

The science, research, data, analysis, and behavioral skills you’ll learn can make you attractive to a wide variety of organizations including charities, government agencies, universities, and research centers.


Semester I
Course CodeCourse Title
ISE-111Islamiat / Ethics ISE
ENG-111English-I (Language in Use)
COMP-111Computer (Introduction and Applications)
BOT-101Botany-I (Plant Diversity)
BOT-102Botany Lab-I (Plant Diversity)
ZOOL-101Zoology -I (Invertebrate Diversity
ZOOL-102Zoology Lab-I (Invertebrate Diversity)
CHEM-101Chemistry-I (Physical Chemistry)
CHEM-102Chemistry Lab-I (Physical Chemistry)
Semester II
Course CodeCourse Title
PST-111Pak Studies
ENG-112English-II (Academic Reading and Writing)
MATH-111Elementary Mathematics-I (Algebra)
BOT-103Botany-II (Plant Systematic Anatomy & Development Theory)
BOT-104Botany Lab-II (Plant Systematic Anatomy & Development Theory)
ZOOL-103Zoology -II (Chordate Diversity)
ZOOL-104Zoology Lab-II (Chordate Diversity)
CHEM-103Chemistry-II (Inorganic Chemistry)
CHEM-104Chemistry Lab-II (Inorganic Chemistry)
Semester III
Course CodeCourse Title
ENG-211English-III (Communication Skills)
MATH-211Elementary Mathematics-II (Calculus)
BOT-201Botany-III (Cell Biology, Genetics, and Evolution)
BOT-202Botany Lab-III (Cell Biology, Genetics, and Evolution)
ZOOL-201Zoology -III (Biochemistry)
ZOOL-202Zoology Lab-III (Biochemistry)
CHEM-201Chemistry-III (Organic Chemistry)
CHEM-202Chemistry Lab-III (Organic Chemistry)
Semester IV
Course CodeCourse Title
ENG-212English-IV (English for Practical Aims)
SOC-211Introduction to Sociology
BOT-203Botany-IV (Plant Physiology and Ecology)
BOT-204Botany Lab-IV (Plant Physiology and Ecology)
ZOOL-203Zoology -IV (Physiology)
ZOOL-204Zoology Lab-IV (Physiology)
CHEM-203Chemistry-IV (General Chemistry)
CHEM-204Chemistry Lab-IV (General Chemistry)
Semester V
Course CodeCourse Title
ZOOL-301Cell and Molecular Biology-II
ZOOL-302Cell and Molecular Biology-II Lab
ZOOL-304Biochemistry-II Lab
ZOOL-305Animal Physiology-II
ZOOL-306Animal Physiology-II Lab
ZOOL-309Evolution Lab
Semester VI
Course CodeCourse Title
ZOOL-310Molecular Genetics-II
ZOOL-311Molecular Genetics-II Lab
ZOOL-312Analysis of Development
ZOOL-313Analysis of Development Lab
ZOOL-315Wildlife Lab
ZOOL-316Environmental Biology
ZOOL-317Environmental Biology Lab
ZOOL-318Animal Behavior
ZOOL-319Animal Behavior Lab
Semester VII
Course CodeCourse Title
ZOOL-401Principle of Systematics
ZOOL-402Lab. Principles of Systematics
ZOOL-404Lab. Paleontology
ZOOL-405Economic Zoology
ZOOL-406Lab. Economic Zoology
ZOOL-411Entomology (Morphology, Physiology of Insects)
ZOOL-412Lab. Entomology (Morphology, Physiology of Insects)
ZOOL-413Medical Entomology
ZOOL-414Lab Medical Entomology
ZOOL-415General Microbiology
ZOOL-416Lab. General Microbiology
ZOOL-417Applied Microbiology
ZOOL-418Lab. Applied Microbiology
ZOOL-421Techniques in Fisheries Research
ZOOL-422Lab. Techniques in Fisheries Research
ZOOL-423Environmental Biology of Fishes
ZOOL-424Lab. Environmental Biology of Fishes
Semester VIII
Course CodeCourse Title
ZOOL-407Biological Techniques
ZOOL-408Lab. Biological Techniques
ZOOL-410Lab. Zoogeography
One Group of the Following Three (Optional)
ZOOL-425Integrated Pest Management
ZOOL-426Lab. Integrated Pest Management
ZOOL-427Classification of Insects
ZOOL-428Lab. Classification of Insects
ZOOL-430Lab. Bacteriology
ZOOL-431Environmental Microbiology
ZOOL-432Lab. Environmental Microbiology
ZOOL-433Advances in Aquaculture -I
ZOOL-434Lab. Advances in Aquaculture -I
ZOOL-435Advances in Aquaculture -II
ZOOL-436Lab. Advances in Aquaculture -II

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