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Our psychology degree will give you a broad knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of modern psychology. You will develop a good knowledge of the influences and factors involved in human functioning in all the core areas of psychology.

You will also develop detailed knowledge of several specialized areas through methods and measurements techniques, and knowledge of how behavior and experience can be affected by physical and mental illness.

This knowledge will be backed up by subject-based practical skills such as the ability to design and conduct research, to analyze and interpret quantitative and qualitative data, and awareness of ethical issues and principles in research on human behavior.







Semester I
Course CodeCourse Title
HQ-011Translation of Holy Quran
ENG111English-I (Language in Use)
MATH-111Elementary Mathematics I
SOCW-111Social Work
ECON-111Fundamentals of Economics
APSY-111Introduction to Psychology (Revised)
Semester II
Course Code Course Title
ENG-112 English-II
ISE-111 Islamic Studies/Ethics
COMP-121 Introduction to Computers (Revised)
APSY-121 Applied Areas of Psychology
APSY-122 Practical’s in Psychology (Revised)
Select any two courses from the following three
URDU-111 Functional Urdu
BSCS-111 Mass Communication
POLS-112 Political Science
Semester III
Course Code Course Title
ENG-211 Communication Skills (Eng III)
APSY-231 Cognitive Psychology
BIO-112 Biology
PHIL-211 Introduction to Philosophy
HR-211 Human Resource Management
APSY-232 Environmental Psychology (Revised)
Semester IV
Course Code Course Title
APSY-241 Cross Cultural Psychology
APSY-242 Ethical Issues in Psychology (Revised)
APSY-243 Gender Issues in Psychology (Revised)
ARB-111 Arabic Language-I
Select any two courses from the following three
SOC-211 Introduction to Sociology
PE-211 Physical Education
POL-211 Introduction to Political Science
Semester V
Course Code Course Title
APSY-351 Psycho-Pathology
APSY-352 Schools and Perspectives in Psychology
APSY-353 Developmental Psychology (Revised)
APSY-354 Psychological Assessment
APSY-355 Psychology Assessment Practical
APSY-356 Research Methods-I
APSY-357 Statistics in Psychology
Semester VI
Course Code Course Title
APSY-361 Research Methods-II
APSY-362 Group Research
APSY-363 Theories of Personality (Revised)
APSY-364 Biological Basis of Behavior
APSY-365 Biological Basis of Behavior Practical
APSY-366 Data Analysis using SPSS
APSY-367 Social Psychology (Revised)
APSY-368 Health Psychology
Semester VII
Course Code Course Title
APSY-471 Experimental Psychology
APSY-472 Lab Experiments
APSY-473 Clinical Psychology-I
APSY-474 (Practicum/Case Reports)-I
APSY-475 Active Citizenship/Voluntary Work/Community Work
APSY-476 Research Thesis
Semester VIII
Course Code Course Title
APSY-481 Positive Psychology (revised)
APSY-482 Peace Psychology (revised)
APSY-483 Clinical Psychology-II
APSY-484 (Practicum/Case Reports)-II
APSY-476 Research Thesis

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