BS English


BS in English develops your abilities as a reader and interpreter of literature. You will explore all aspects of literature in English, benefiting from our expertise in a wide range of areas including poetry, narrative prose, critical theory, creative writing, and the relationship between literature & other arts, media, and science.

BS English contains diverse texts from different periods and cultures. There are also opportunities to develop creative skills in writing poetry and fiction.


Semester I
Course CodeCourse Title
ENG-111English-I (Language in Use)
COMP-111Computer (Introduction and Applications)
ENG-101Introduction to Literature-I (History of English Literature-I)
ENG-102Introduction to Linguistics-I
APSY-111Fundamentals of Psychology
Semester II
Course CodeCourse Title
PST-111Pakistan Studies
ENG-112English-II (Academic Reading and Writing)
ENG-103Introduction to Literature-II (Poetry and One Act Plays)
ENG-104Introduction to Linguistics-II
BSCS-111Mass Communication
IR-111International Relations
Semester III
Course CodeCourse Title
ENG-201English-III (Advance Communication Skills)
ENG-202Introduction to Literature-III (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
ENG-203Introduction to Linguistics-III (Phonetics and English Phonology)
HR-211Human Resource Management
PHIL-211AIntroduction to Philosophy (Rev)
Semester IV
Course CodeCourse Title
ENG-204English-IV (Advance Academic Reading and Writing)
ENG-205Introduction to Literature-IV (History of Literature-II)
ENG-206Introduction to Linguistics-IV (The Structure of English)
HR-213Citizenship Education (Human Rights)
GEOG-211Introduction to Geography
SOC-211Introduction to Sociology
Semester V
Course CodeCourse Title
ENG-301Criticism and Theory-I
ENG-302Poetry (14th to 18th Century)
ENG-303Novel (18th & 19th Century)
ENG-304Journalistic Discourse
ENG-306Visionary Discourse
Semester VI
Course CodeCourse Title
ENG-307Criticism and Theory-II
ENG-308Classics in Drama
ENG-30919th Century Poetry
ENG-311World Literature in Translation
Semester VII
Course CodeCourse Title
ENG-40120th Century British Literature: Poetry & Drama
ENG-40220th Century Fiction & Prose
ENG-403American Literature
ENG-404South Asian Literature
ENG-405Research Methodology
Semester VIII
Course CodeCourse Title
ENG-406Continental Literature
ENG-407Pakistani Literature
ENG-408Teaching of Literature
ENG-409Research Project

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