BS Islamic Studies


Our psychology degree will give you a broad knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of modern psychology. You will develop a good knowledge of the influences and factors involved in human functioning in all the core areas of psychology.

You will also develop detailed knowledge of several specialized areas through methods and measurements techniques, and knowledge of how behavior and experience can be affected by physical and mental illness.

This knowledge will be backed up by subject-based practical skills such as the ability to design and conduct research, to analyze and interpret quantitative and qualitative data, and awareness of ethical issues and principles in research on human behavior.


Nadeela Shaheen

  •  BS coordinator
  •  M.phil Islamic studies
  • Dars-e- Nizami (درس نظامی)
  • Arabic Tarjma- and tafseer Al-Quran
  • 13 years of experience 

Dr.Sumera Kouser

  • P.hd (Islamic Studies)
  • Sahadtul Almiya
  • Fazal Arabic
  • B.ed, ATTC
  • Experience:7 years.

Dr.Hafiza uzma Arshad

  • Ph.D Islamic Studies(countinue)
  • M.phil Islamic Stdies
  • MA Urdu
  • B.ed
  • Hafiz ul Quran
  • Tarjama tul Quran

Sana Irfan Butt

  • MA Islamic studies.
  • MA English
  • Arabic Tarjma- and tafseer Al-Quran
  • B.ed
  • experience 15 years


Semester I
Course Code Course Title
HQ-001 Translation of Holy Quran
ARB-101 Arabic-I
COMP-101 Computer-I
ENG-111 English-I (Language in Use)
ISE-101 Tafseer-I
ISE-102 Hadith-I
Semester II
Course CodeCourse Title
HQ-002Translation of Holy Quran
PST-111Pakistan Studies
ENG‐112English-II (Academic Reading and Writing)
ISE-105Seerat un Nabi
PST-111Pakistan Studies
Semester III
Course Code Course Title
HQ-003 Translation of Holy Quran
ARB-201 Arabic-III
COMP-201 Computer-III
ISE-201 Contemporary Muslim World
ISE-202 Fiqh-1
ISE-203 Islamic history
Semester IV
Course CodeCourse Title
HQ-004Translation of Holy Quran
ENG-212English-IV (English for practical Aims)
ISE-204Islamic History-II
ISE-205Tafseer -III
ISE-206Islamic and modern Political Thoughts Concept
Semester V
Course CodeCourse Title
HQ-005Translation of Holy Quran
ISE-303Islamic & Modern Social Thought
ENG-321Analytical Study of English Literature
Semester VI
Course CodeCourse Title
HQ-006Translation of Holy Quran
ISE-305History & Principles of Hadith
ISE-306Dawa o Irshad
ISE-307Islamic Jurisprudence & its History
Semester VII
Course Code Course Title
HQ-007 Translation of Holy Quran
ISE-401 Comparative Study of Religions-I
ISE-402 Islamic Economics-I
ISE-403 History & Principles of Tafsir
ARB-401 Arabic-VII
ISE-404 Modern Tools of Research
Semester VIII
Course CodeCourse Title
HQ-008Translation of Holy Quran
ISE-405Sciences of Quran
ISE-407Comparative Study of Religions-II
ISE-408Islamic Economics -II

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