Who we are


Years of history in Education

JDIHS has established itself as a leading center for learning over the years. It has an extensive history of brilliance and distinction as an academic institution. Several alumni of the institute have earned outstanding fame and proven themselves eminent in their respective fields. The foundation of this institution was laid in 1970. It developed and progressed and became a catalyst of intellectual and social change for learners in Gujranwala Division. Under the personal supervision of Chaudhary Muhammad Jameel this school has made commendable progress in the field of both scientific and general education. A new system, The Learning Hub was established in 2013 which offers Cambridge Primary and O Level. These past few years we have seen students learn and progress with inspiring versatility, creating an encouraging ambience throughout. The institute has now expanded into a college.

The Learning Hub College for Girls - Empowering Women's Education

Welcome to The Learning Hub College, a distinguished institution exclusively dedicated to the empowerment of women through education. We take pride in providing a safe, nurturing, and inspiring environment where female students can flourish academically and personally.

Affiliated with BISE Gujranwala for Intermediate Classes and Punjab University for BS Programs, our college offers a wide array of educational opportunities designed to meet the specific needs and aspirations of our female students.


1. Quality Education: At The Learning Hub College, we uphold the highest standards of education, ensuring that our students receive top-tier instruction and resources.

2. Empowering Women: Our mission is to equip young women with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel in their chosen fields and become leaders in society.

3. Academic Excellence: Our affiliation with BISE Gujranwala for Intermediate classes and Punjab University for BS Programs guarantees that our students receive recognized and accredited education.

4. Supportive Community: We foster a close-knit community where women can connect, learn, and grow together, creating lifelong friendships and support networks.

Join us at The Learning Hub College, where every day is an opportunity for young women to thrive, achieve, and aspire to greatness. Your journey to success begins here.