Mission & Values

Our Mission

We are in an unyielding pursuit to set the benchmark for quality education;

  • to align our academic system with changing educational needs of the globalized world
  • to create a holistic learning environment that fosters cognitive, physical, emotional and social development of learners
  • to disseminate, preserve, and apply knowledge that is relevant and updated
  • to enhance learners’ leadership skills so that they function as effective members of society

Our Vision

TLHC is relentlessly committed to transform its learners into erudite, competent and creative members of society who can take up the 21st century challenges effeciently.

Our vision aligns with shifts in the global economy, society, and environment, which animates our mission and our values:

Creative Inquiry

We are devoted to cultivating imagination of our learners and helping them examine new ideas from multiple perspectives that will enable them to generate innovative solutions to problems.


We seek to model the fairness that we want to see in the world and for that we place a particular focus on providing opportunities to the children regardless of their developmental and social challenges.


We are committed to innovation and continuous self-improvement in order to achieve excellence in all our academic pursuits.