BS Commerce


The BS in Commerce is a multi-disciplinary program that nurtures the critical thinking and leadership skills of students. A focus on the “why” beyond the “how” in the curriculum helps students to prepare for highly gratifying professional careers.

The program aims at training students to gain knowledge in the dynamic fields of commerce along with leading to the outstanding development of their personalities.

It also enables them to go for advanced degrees in any discipline ranging from accounting to audit, banking to finance and marketing to human resource management offering in the country and abroad.


Semester I
Course CodeCourse Title
ISE-111Islamiat / Ethics
ENG-111English-I (Language in Use)
BBA-101Introduction to Business
MATH-112Business Mathematics
COMP-121Computer Applications in Business
COMM-101Financial Accounting-I
Semester II
Course CodeCourse Title
PST-111Pakistan Studies
ENG-112English-II (Academic Reading and Writing)
STAT-121Business Statistics
ECON-131Economics (Micro) for Commerce
COMM-102Financial Accounting-II
Semester III
Course CodeCourse Title
ENG-211English-III (Business Communication-I)
COMM-201Advanced Financial Accounting-I
COMM-202Business & Industrial Law
ECON-231Economics (Macro) for Commerce
COMM-203Income Tax Law
COMM-204Money Banking & Finance
Semester IV
Course CodeCourse Title
ENG-222English-IV (Business Communication-II)
ECON-232Economics of Pakistan
COMM-205Advanced Financial Accounting-II
COMM-207Cost Accounting
COMM-208Sales Tax Custom and Federal Excise Duty
Semester V
Course CodeCourse Title
COMM-301Business Management
COMM-302Entrepreneurship (Commerce)
COMM-303Interpersonal Skills
COMM-304Principles of Marketing
COMM-305Research Methods in Business
Semester VI
Course CodeCourse Title
COMM-306Financial Management (Commerce)
COMM-307Banking Law and Practice
COMM-308Islamic Principles of Business & Finance
COMM-309Logic & Critical Thinking (Commerce)
COMM-310Organizational Behavior
Semester VII
Course CodeCourse Title
COMM-401Corporate Law
COMM-402Human Resource Management
COMM-403Insurance & Risk Management
COMM-404Managerial Economics
COMM-405Management Accounting
Select One Course for Specialization
COMM-406Corporate Finance (Finance specialization)
COMM-407Consumer Behavior (Marketing Specialization)
COMM-408Financial Reporting (Accounting Specialization)
Semester VIII
Course CodeCourse Title
COMM-410International Business & Finance
COMM-411Operation & Production Management
COMM-412Performance Management
COMM-413Strategic Management
Select One Course for Specialization
COMM-414Investment Analysis & Management (Finance specialization)
COMM-415International Marketing (Marketing Specialization)
COMM-416Advanced Auditing (Accounting Specialization)

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