Intermediate Programs

TLHC College is the project of Jadeed dastgir school, JDIHS more than a 50 years old institute of academic excellence. We do take pride in our beautiful campus, but our real pride and joy are our students. Our students are the true embodiment of this institute – thus, it would not be wrong to say that 

The motto of TLHC is “Every Student Matters Every Student Count.” We live by this creed every day and strive towards serving with love through our work, may it be cleaning or teaching or administrative work. We are tirelessly involved in shaping the nation of Pakistan by working with each student and taking him as the building block to fortify the foundation of our country -Pakistan-and the world at large. TLHC symbolizes quality and excellence. Its spirited faculty, industrious students, and excellent support infrastructure provide an academic environment, found only in the very best of Pakistan’s colleges and universities. 

Intermediate Programs in TLHC