College Career Counselor

Welcome to our college's Career Counseling Center! 🌟

“Hello, I’m Kainat, your dedicated career counselor! 🌟 My mission is to empower you in navigating the exciting journey of career development. Explore your passions, discover career paths, and plan for success. I am her here to guide you toward a fulfilling future. Whether it’s choosing a major, planning internships, or preparing for job interviews, we’re here to support your journey. Let’s map out your professional path together. Through personalized guidance, assessments, and strategic planning, let’s work together to unlock your potential and achieve your professional aspirations. Whether you’re exploring new paths or seeking advancement, I’m here to support you every step of the way. Let’s embark on this journey of self-discovery and career success together!”

Warmest Regards,
Kainat Zahra


The college Career Counselling Committee evaluate students’ backgrounds in order to help them determine what they need to do next to achieve their goals. Advise students about courses and programs needed for specific professions.
The committee works to help students in:

  • Making college/university choices
  • Complete application process
  • Composing essays and personal statements
  • Enlisting for college/university placement tests and aptitude tests
  • Determining financial parameters
  • Recognizing appropriate internships and professional development programs