Does a position that bridges the gap between business and technology sound like a fascinating career choice? If so, BS in Information Technology from TLHC might be the degree program for you.

With a degree in information technology (IT), you will work in a field expected to grow by as much as 36 percent over the next ten years. As an IT specialist, you will design computing solutions that provide organizations the information they need to achieve their business goals. You can also develop strong leadership and problem-solving skills as an IT manager, making it easy to transition from one industry to another.


Semester I
Course CodeCourse Title
IT-101Introduction to Computing
MATH-131Calculus (IT)-I
PHY-121Mechanics and Wave Motion
ENG-121Writing Workshop (IT)
ISE-121Islamic Studies I
Semester II
Course CodeCourse Title
IT-102Programming Fundamentals
MATH-132Calculus (IT)- II
PHY-122Electricity & Magnetism (IT)
PST-111Pakistan Studies
IT-104Digital Logic Design
IT-105Digital Logic Design Lab
IT-103Programming Fundamentals Lab
Semester III
Course CodeCourse Title
IT-201Object-Oriented Programming
MATH-231Discrete Mathematics (IT)
ENG-231Communication Skills (IT)
ARB-212Arabic Language
IT-203Computer Organization & Assembly Language
IT-204Computer Organization & Assembly Language Lab
IT-202Object-Oriented Programming Lab
Semester IV
Course CodeCourse Title
IT-207Data Structures & Algorithms
STAT-221Probability & Statistics
IT-205Web Engineering
ENG-232Technical & Business Writing
IT-206Software Engineering
ISE-221Islamic Studies-II
IT-208Data Structures & Algorithms Lab
Semester V
Course CodeCourse Title
IT-301Theory of Automata (IT)
IT-302Principles of Management (SS)
IT-303/NFormal Logic
IT-304Database Systems (CMP)
IT-306Operating Systems (CMP)
IT-307Object-Oriented Analysis & Design (ICS)
IT-305Database Systems Lab
Semester VI
Course CodeCourse Title
IT-308Internet Programming (IT)
IT-309Computer Networks (CMP)
IT-310Computer Networks & Lab (CMP)
IT-311Information Systems (IT)
IT-312Linear Algebra (MA)
IT-313Introduction to Psychology (HM)
IT-314Introduction to Sociology (SS)
Semester VII
Course CodeCourse Title
IT-401Network Management & Administration
IT-402Enterprise Application Development
IT-403Database Administration
IT-404Project Management
IT-405Capstone Project
Semester VIII
Course CodeCourse Title
IT-406Network Security
IT-407Software Quality Assurance
IT-408Introduction to Economics
IT-405Capstone Project

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