BS Physics


BS Physics, a four-year degree program, not only enables the students to scientifically understand and analyze the behavior of nature but orientates them with many interdisciplinary subjects.

BS in Physics addresses the material universe at its most fundamental levels. Physical laws apply from subatomic to cosmological scales. Concentrating in Physics will not only teach you about the structure of physical law; it will allow you to take part in its discovery.

In the process, you will acquire universally valuable skills, including problem-solving, methods of estimation and approximation, and reasoning both inductively and from the first principles. And you will build your intuition for how the physical world works, from electricity to phases of matter to energy to the quantum.







Semester I
Course Code Course Title
HQ-001 Translation of Holy Quran
Gen-1001 English-I (Reading and Writing Skills)
Gen-1002 Pakistan Studies
Gen-1003 Islamic Studies/Ethics
Math-1001 Calculus-I
Phys-1001 Mechanics
Phys-1002 Waves and Optics
Phys-1601L Physics Lab-I
Semester II
Course Code Course Title
HQ-002 Translation of Holy Quran
Gen-1004 English-II (Composition Writing)
Math-1002 Calculus-II
Phys-1003 Thermal Physics
Phys-1004 Electricity and Magnetism
Phys-1602L Physics Lab-II
Math-1003 Probability and Statistics
Semester III
Course Code Course Title
HQ-003 Translation of Holy Quran
Phys-2003 Chemistry/Natural Science
Phys-2001 Quantum Physics
Math-2003 Differential Equations
Math-2004 Analytical Geometry
Gen-2005 Introduction to Computing
Phys-2603L Physics Lab-III
Semester IV
Course Code Course Title
HQ-004 Translation of Holy Quran
Phys-2002 Modern Physics
Phys-2003 Basic Electronics
Phys-2904 Physics Lab-IV
Math-2005 Linear Algebra
Gen-2006/Gen 2007 Humanities/ Social Science
Math-2004 Applied Mathematics
Semester V
Course Code Course Title
HQ-005 Translation of Holy Quran
Phys-3101 Classical Mechanics
Phys-3501 Mathematical Methods of Physics-I
Phys-3401 Solid State Physics-I
Phys-3701 Electronics-I
Phys-3605L Physics Lab-V
Phys-3502 Computational Physics-I
Semester VI
Course Code Course Title
HQ-006 Translation of Holy Quran
Phys-3503 Mathematical Methods of Physics-II
Phys-3402 Solid State Physics-II
Phys-3301 Quantum Mechanics-I
Phys-3504 Computational Physics-II
Phys-3702 Electronics-II
Phys-3606L Physics Lab-VI
Semester VII
Course Code Course Title
HQ-007 Translation of Holy Quran
Phys-4302 Quantum Mechanics-II
Phys-4303 Statistical Physics
Phys-4201 Classical Electrodynamics-I
Phys-4303 Nuclear Physics-I
Semester VIII
Course Code Course Title
HQ-008 Translation of Holy Quran
Phys-4404 Solid State Physics-III
Phys-4202 Classical Electrodynamics-II
Phys-4304 Nuclear Physics-II
Phys-4102 Relativity and Cosmology
Elective Subjects
Course CodeCourse Title
Phys-4305Introductory Particle Physics
Phys-4306Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
Phys-4405Topics in Solid State Physics
Phys-4406Advanced Solid-State Physics
Phys-4308Quantum Information Theory
Phys-4703Introduction to Photonics
Phys-4309Quantum Solid State Magnetism
Phys-4310Quantum Electronics
Phys-4607Medical Physics

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