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Welcome to the captivating world of Botany! Our Bachelor of Science in Botany program is your gateway to exploring the wonders of plant life and delving into the intricate processes that sustain our environment. With a deep-rooted passion for plants and a commitment to scientific discovery, our program offers you a comprehensive journey through the fascinating realm of botany. Whether you’re captivated by the diversity of plant species, the vital role of plants in ecology, or their potential in addressing global challenges, our BS Botany program provides the knowledge and skills to nurture your botanical curiosity. Join us on this educational adventure as we unearth the secrets of the plant kingdom, from the microscopic world of cells to the grandeur of ecosystems, and embark on a path of understanding and conserving the green wonders that surround us.



  • Phd Botony


Semester I
Course CodeCourse Title
HQ-011Translation of Holy Quran
ENG111English-I (Language in Use)
MATH-111Elementary Mathematics I
SOCW-111Social Work
ECON-111Plant Diversity + Lab
APSY-111Chemistry-I (Inorganic Chemistry) + Chemistry-I-Lab

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