Societies and Clubs

The literary society promotes healthy reading and writing habits by organizing regular sessions on particular books or excerpts on which the members provide reviews and critique.

The social welfare society works for the welfare of humanity without any discrimination on the basis of cast, creed or religion. The society organizes awareness events that become a source for fundraising to help deserving people.

The debate club provides a platform to explore the art of planned arguing. Learners of this club tend to organize discussions on current issues that enable them to create logical arguments to persuade others.

College isn’t just a place of academic learning. We offers a wide range of sports and physical activities which positively impacts academics performance.

The dramatics club aims at enhancing the public speaking skills and emotional expression through performing art.

The members of photography club together create opportunities to organize workshops and sessions to share their creativity and knowledge of photography skills.

The music club brings together students and the community who genuinely enjoy music, and provides events and activities so that they can express themselves.

TLHC language club offer learners the opportunity to practice English by actually speaking it. This can increase learners’ desire to practice and learn on their own. In this fact of improving speaking skills, the importance of Language club is also significant.