Facilities and Services

The college is equipped with 4 separate labs of chemistry, physics, zoology and biology in addition to technologically advanced computer lab outfitted with air-condition & latest computers so that learners can stay connected to information services and keep themselves abreast of changing technologies.

We ensure the provision of timely first aid service to our learners and staff in addition to the outdoor medical facility that is provided in case of emergency by referring them to DHQ hospital.

A fleet of deluxe, air conditioned and high-capacity buses are available for the learners and staff to commute back and forth. The buses provide comfortable and secure environment adhering to strict arrival and departure schedules

The college cafeteria is one of the major delights for learners as they are served plentiful and nutritious food. The cafeteria offers a comfortable place to sit and enjoy fresh healthy food options.

To provide a safe experience to our learners and staff, an efficient and well-organized security system e.g. CCTV cameras are in place that is responsible for maintaining discipline and order.

The spacious and purpose-built hall that is equipped with air condition and modern audio-visual aids provides a comfortable place for a variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities throughout the year.

TLHC resource hub play a significant role in supporting institutional mission and help students to achieve long-term success.