A Glance at History

JDIHS has established itself as a leading center for learning over the years. It has an extensive history of brilliance and distinction as an academic institution. Several alumni of the institute have earned outstanding fame and proven themselves eminent in their respective fields. The foundation of this institution was laid in 1970. It developed and progressed and became a catalyst of intellectual and social change for learners in Gujranwala Division. Under the personal supervision of Chaudhary Muhammad Jameel this school has made commendable progress in the field of both scientific and general education. A new system, The Learning Hub was established in 2013 which offers Cambridge Primary and O Level. These past few years we have seen students learn and progress with inspiring versatility, creating an encouraging ambience throughout. The institute has now expanded into a college.

Chairperson’s Words of Wisdom

It’s my lifelong conviction that the ultimate goal of education is to cultivate children’s wish to learn and prepare them for the challenges that do not yet exist as they will be living in a world radically altered from our own. The prime objective to establish the chain of educational institutes is to create a learning space that can inculcate into children personal values while developing academic brilliance simultaneously. We as a system make sure that children are imparted the best of contemporary as well as religious knowledge. I firmly believe that children with high intellectual capacity and aptitude are the richest assets of a nation and it is crucial to provide them with the best educational facilities so that they leave school with deep knowledge, skill and confidence required to navigate a more complex world. No child deserves to be educated solely for the sake of improving his qualification. Rather the focus should be laid upon holistic development in order to help them evolve into the individuals who can operate as effective members of society. It is therefore exceedingly important to opt for an education system that really prepares children for world of tomorrow.

Our Vision

TLHC is relentlessly committed to transform its learners into erudite, competent and creative members of society who can take up the 21st century challenges effeciently.

Our Mission

We are in an unyielding pursuit to set the benchmark for quality education;

  • to align our academic system with changing educational needs of the globalized world
  • to create a holistic learning environment that fosters cognitive, physical, emotional and social development of learners
  • to disseminate, preserve, and apply knowledge that is relevant and updated
  • to enhance learners’ leadership skills so that they function as effective members of society

Our Core Values

We are devoted to cultivating imagination of our learners and helping them examine new ideas from multiple perspectives that will enable them to generate innovative solutions to problems.

We seek to model the fairness that we want to see in the world and for that we place a particular focus on providing opportunities to the children regardless of their developmental and social challenges.

We are committed to innovation and continuous self-improvement in order to achieve excellence in all our academic pursuits.